Sequential Sunrise- Biras Creek Resort- December 2011

Sunrises in the Tropics

One of the great free pleasures in life is watching the sun come up out of the ocean in the Tropics.  I am rarely up at the crack of dawn at home, but somehow it happens naturally in the Caribbean.  Maybe it is the cumulative effects of swimming, snorkeling, sailing and eight hours in the sun.Whatever, I tend to sleep very early and get up at sunrise.  It is a magical time.  Rays come into shore to feed, the lone shark patrolling the shallows.   The following pictures are a sequential attempt to catch the beauty of a morning sunrise from our Villa terrace at Biras Creek Resort on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands in December, 2011.  I hope you like them and that I was able to capture the absolute tranquility of the experience.









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7 Comments on “Sequential Sunrise- Biras Creek Resort- December 2011”

  1. Stulang Laut Says:

    I love the sunset
    thank you for your sharing

  2. Annie Says:

    Love, love, love this…….wish I was there!

  3. Now that’s something I would absolutely get up early for. Beautiful!

  4. Hennie Says:

    Thanks for bringing back the memories

  5. Dana Says:

    Great pics…makes me want to go on a vacation.

  6. Kelly Brandys Says:

    Hi Jud,
    Thanks for the beautiful photos .
    I wish we were all back there!!
    Such a special place :)

  7. Says:

    it rocks!

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