About Jud


An aspiring journalist, I graduated from the University of Miami a zillion years ago with a degree in Mass Communications.  After internships as a copy editor with the Miami Herald and another with WPLG-TV Sports, Miami’s ABC affiliate, my Father’s heart attack forced a change in plans.  These unpaid internships were the most gratifying, compelling jobs I have ever had, but reluctantly I  returned  to New York City, where I operated the family wine shop for twelve years. I disliked retail and was experiencing a growing interest in Wall Street and investing.  When our lease ran out,  I set out to see if I couldn’t pursue my interest in Finance. Making a long story short, I worked in the Asset Management arena for three investment firms for over twenty years. That came to an end recently when I was downsized by Bear Stearns after  their acquisition by JP Morgan Chase.  Like many events that bring big changes, this turn of events was neither black nor white, but shades of gray.  I had always intended to be a writer before Life took me other places.  Now, I have an opportunity to write. In this blog, I will be making some investment suggestions, along with observations on travel, politics, friendships, and restaurants.  I like to laugh, and will attempt to provide my readers with some chuckles.

Cruise travel has been my passion for the last twenty years, and I have taken over eighty voyages with virtually every major line.  In the course of these adventures, I have learned many tricks to assure that your cruise vacation is exactly what you want it to be.  I will be sharing these tidbits in my travel postings, with the emphasis on the small luxury cruise lines.  Although I believe cruising is the most therapeutic and economical way to see the world, it is possible to go very wrong.  The wrong ship, itinerary and passenger demographics can make for a big disappointment.  Let me be your guide in finding exactly what cruise experiences are just right for you.  In addition, I can usually save you money in the process.  I will be posting articles on ships and cruise lines along with some photos of highlights of my 88 voyages.

I have also nurtured a lifelong love of music of all kinds and plan to start reviewing both new recordings and recordings that should be a part of everyone’s collection.

New York City restaurants are another passion of mine.  If you like to eat, there is really no place on Earth like Manhattan.  I’ll try to steer you to some little gems off of the beaten path.

My blog pieces are intended to be warmup exercises for a novel.  Time will tell where that goes.

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8 Comments on “About Jud”

  1. damaris moulton Says:

    Hey Jud: You are my very first blog And what a great life you have lived so far. Could you e-mail me so was exhange Al “isms. Maybe I have some answers to help you figure thinges out.
    Stay in touch.

  2. Eliza Sonneland Says:

    BILL!!!!!! What a treat to find you and your “blog”!!!!

    I’m out the door in a few minutes so tomorrow I’ll take some time and read your postings. Any chance you and your wife play bridge on any of these cruises?

  3. John Bernard Says:

    Bravo Bill. I didn’t know that you had all this in you. Will look forward to future blogs. Best to SUe.

  4. Weehawken Wannabe Says:

    “Effervescent musical comedy joy!”

    Okay, this quote is really about the broadway musical, “Anything Goes”, but your stuff is pretty good too.

  5. richard Says:

    Enjoy your articles,and the way you write…….Keep it up…..

  6. r. chase Says:

    My son looks forward to meeting you.

  7. Carmela Says:

    Love your blog! So glad I saw you at the reunion and you told me about it.


  8. I am a friend of Carol Chen, formerly Carol Chua. Would love to talk to you about Pension Funds in Latin America. My cel 415-314-5271 Carmen

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